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S.No. Title Date Download Category
11 Letter regarding Video Conference (VC) to review the status of unspent balance and Annual Action Plan (AAP)(08.04.2019) 08/04/2019 Download (299.62 KB) pdf Water
12 Letter regarding Release of first instalment under NRDWP for the year 2019-20(04.04.2019) 04/04/2019 Download (503.84 KB) pdf Water
13 Letter regarding Submission of Information regarding IMIS(27.03.2019) 27/03/2019 Download (374.97 KB) pdf Water
14 Letter regarding Booking of expenditure in IMIS under NRDWP-reg(22.03.2019) 22/03/2019 Download (466.49 KB) pdf Water
15 Letter regarding Extension of date for updation of Annual Action Plan Format (AAP) under NRDWP for 2019-20(22.03.2019) 22/03/2019 Download (141.33 KB) pdf Water
16 Letter regarding Amendment in Swajal Guidelines regarding Opening of separate Saving Bank (SB) accounts for the Implementation of Swajal Yojna in the Gram Panchayats of the aspirational districts of the State for Capital Cost and O & M cost(10.03.2019) 20/03/2019 Download (429.17 KB) pdf Water
17 Letter regarding OA No. 156 of 2015 (MA No. 474 of 2015) Mrs Sunita Pandey Vs Union of India regarding availability of clean water in Balia and Other Districts of Uttar Pradesh(19.03.2019) 19/03/2019 Download (1.14 MB) pdf Water
18 Letter regarding extension of date for updation of Annual Action Plan Format(AAP) under NRDWP for 2019-20 (13.03.2019) 13/03/2019 Download (158.09 KB) pdf Water
19 Letter regarding taking up of new schemes and booking of expenditure under NRDWP-Coverage(11.03.2019) 12/03/2019 Download (1.67 MB) pdf Water
20 Letter regarding 2-Day Workshop on Grey water management and Arsenic and fluoride remediation on 22nd and 23rd March, 2019(07.03.2019) 12/03/2019 Download (204.91 KB) pdf Water