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S.No. Title Date Download Category
51 Guidance on the usage of Swachh Bharat Kosh (SBK) and World Bank assistance funds for conversion of dysfunctional toilets to functional reg.(17.10.208) 18/10/2018 Download (136.4 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
52 Letter regarding Taking up of NRDWP schemes covering Arsenic and Fluoride habitations given in IMIS Formate F18 under NWQSM(11.10.2018) 11/10/2018 Download (238.87 KB) pdf Water
53 Letter regarding Utilization of NRDWP funds for covering Arsenic and Fluoride affected habitations(11.10.2018) 11/10/2018 Download (550.68 KB) pdf Water
54 Letter regarding Release of funds under Sustainability Component of NRDWP as 2nd installment(03.10.2018) 04/10/2018 Download (204.6 KB) pdf Water
55 Letter regarding Registration or mapping of NRDWP fund flow in PFMS and implementation of EAT module for financial payments(01.10.2018) 01/10/2018 Download (657.59 KB) pdf Water
56 Letter regarding Submission of nomination for a pool of expert resource persons in water sector(20.09.2018) 20/09/2018 Download (673.08 KB) pdf Water
57 Letter regarding Issues on IMIS - meeting rescheduled(18.09.2018) 18/09/2018 Download (165.93 KB) pdf Water
58 Letter regarding Continuation of funding of Swajal Schemes taken up in States on the basis of guidelines issued by the Ministry on 7.3.2018(17.09.2018) 17/09/2018 Download (275.86 KB) pdf Water
59 Letter regarding Utilisation of funds under NRDWP(17.09.2018) 17/09/2018 Download (319.04 KB) pdf Water
60 Letter regarding Release of National Water Quality Submission funds(14.09.2018) 15/09/2018 Download (203.99 KB) pdf Water