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S.No. Title Date Download Category
61 Letter regarding Utilisation of funds under NRDWP(17.09.2018) 17/09/2018 Download (319.04 KB) pdf Water
62 Letter regarding Continuation of funding of Swajal Schemes taken up in States on the basis of guidelines issued by the Ministry on 7.3.2018(17.09.2018) 17/09/2018 Download (275.86 KB) pdf Water
63 Letter regarding Release of National Water Quality Submission funds(14.09.2018) 15/09/2018 Download (203.99 KB) pdf Water
64 Letter regarding Issues on IMIS(13.09.2018) 13/09/2018 Download (217.86 KB) pdf Water
65 Letter regarding Change in official E-mail of Joint Secretary (Water)(10.09.2018) 12/09/2018 Download (150.83 KB) pdf Water
66 Letter regarding Taking up of new PWS Schemes in FC (40 lpcd) with PWS habitations(10.09.2018) 12/09/2018 Download (166.77 KB) pdf Water
67 Letter regarding one to one meeting with all states and UTs to review progress of NRDWP is now rescheduled to 18 Sep, 19 Sep and 20 Sep 2018 (10.09.2018) 11/09/2018 Download (406.72 KB) pdf Water
68 Letter regarding Evaluation study Assessment of Functionality status of Piped Water Supply (PWS) (single and Multi village) schemes under NRDWP of the MDWS in rural areas by WAPCOS Limited(10.09.2018) 11/09/2018 Download (1.74 MB) pdf Water
69 Letter regarding Obsevation of Swachhata Hi Seva - 2018(11.09.2018) 11/09/2018 Download (324.98 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
70 List of schemes to be surveyed by Messrs WAPCOS for functionality survey along with questionnaire(11.09.2018) 11/09/2018 Download (1.22 MB) zip Water