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Letters and Circulars

S.No. Title Date Download Category
71 Letter regarding review meeting of NRDWP to be held starting 13.09.2018(06.09.2018) 10/09/2018 Download (8.97 MB) pdf Water
72 Letter regarding Meeting with States to review progress of NRDWP-Rescheduling of date and time of the meeting(07.09.2018) 07/09/2018 Download (365.37 KB) pdf Water
73 Letter regarding Implementation on Swajal schemes in aspirational district(06.09.2018) 07/09/2018 Download (491.97 KB) pdf Water
74 Letter regarding Change of Area Officers in respect of UTs- Regd(05.09.2018) 05/09/2018 Download (194.92 KB) pdf Water
75 Letter regarding Meeting with States to review progress of NRDWP(30.08.2018) 04/09/2018 Download (1.2 MB) pdf Water
76 Letter regarding Reporting of Swachhta Hi Seva Activities(30.08.2018) 31/08/2018 Download (311.33 KB) pdf Swachh Bharat Mission
77 Letter regarding Guidelines on Swajal(31.08.2018) 31/08/2018 Download (407.08 KB) pdf Water
78 Letter regarding Change of functionality status of completed scheme and taking up of new schemes(29.08.2018) 29/08/2018 Download (249.53 KB) pdf Water
79 Letter regarding Financial progress under NRDWP and updation on IMIS(23.08.2018) 24/08/2018 Download (702.3 KB) pdf Water
80 Letter regarding Utilisation or Release of funds under NRDWP(20.08.2018) 23/08/2018 Download (996.23 KB) pdf Water