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CPIO and Appellate Authority

    S.No. Subject CPIO Name and designation of CPIO Name & designation of Appellate Authority
    1. Policy matters on SBM(G)
    including Cabinet Note,
    allocation and release of funds
    to States/UTs, ODF
    Sustainability, Overall budget
    matters of SBM(G), PQs, VIRs,
    preparation/ approval of PIP/
    AIP, IMIS, Parliamentary
    Standing/ KRC/ Consultative
    Committees/ Capacity Building
    matters and other related
    matters of SBM(G)
    CPIO (SBM-I) Shri Rampal Singh,
    Ph: 24369654
    E.mail: rampal[dot]singh67[at]gov[dot]in
    Shri U.N. Sinha, DS(SBM)
    Ph: 24368772
    E.mail: udayn[dot]sinha[at]gov[dot]in
    2. All matters relating to
    Public Grievances, VIP/PMO
    references, Technologies
    issues in the field of Toilets,
    Foreign tour/ training,
    Development Partner
    Engagements, WB Project
    (NARSS, PMC, KM)
    district ranking survey,
    Parliamentary Assurance/
    Court cases, Audit matter,
    SFC/EFC/Cabinet notes, VC
    related issues etc.
    CPIO (SBM-II) Shri Subrata Sanyal,
    Ph: 24363214
    E.mail: s[dot]sanyal[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Mahesh Thakur,
    Ph: 24364112
    E.mail: thakur[dot]mahesh[at]nic[dot]in
    3. SLWM, Swachh Bharat
    Preraks/ ZilaPreraks, PFMS
    (PMC), DBT etc
    CPIO (SBM-III) Shri Subrata Sanyal,
    Ph: 24363214
    E.mail: s[dot]sanyal[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Anil Kumar Sharma,
    Director (SBM-III)
    Ph: 24366529
    E.mail: anilk[dot]sharma[at]gov[dot]in
    4. Swacchta Action Plan, Swacchta
    Pakhwada, Internship, Swacch Iconic
    Places, Ganga Gram etc
    CPIO (SBM-IV) Shri Sushil Kumar,
    Ph: 24367073
    E.mail: sk[dot]dushyant[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Kapil Chaudhury,
    Director (SBM-IV)
    Ph: 24368562
    E.mail: kapilchaudhury[dot]ofd[at]ofb[dot]gov[dot]in
    5. All matters relating to release of fund
    under NRDWP (excluding NWQSM,
    JE-AES, RWSSP-LIS), Budget of
    NRDWP, all audit related work, PQs/
    Parliamentary Committees, NRDWP
    Reports, PFMS, 3rd Party Survey/
    other survey, IEC (water), IT/website
    CPIO (Water-I) Shri A.K.Srivastava,
    Ph: 24363515
    E.mail: ak[dot]srivastava15[at]nic[dot]in
    Ms Ranjitha M.H,
    Ph: 24364427
    E.mail: hr095[at]ifs[dot]nic[dot]in
    6. All issues pertaining to NWQSM,
    JE/AES and their release, NGT/
    Court Case on WQ and other than
    WQ, HGM Maps, issues pertaining to
    NCDWS&Q (building construction
    work at Kolkata), Swajal, Mashelkar
    Committee, KRC, PGs, R&D,
    RWSSP-LIS, PMC, Innovations etc
    CPIO (Water-II & Water Quality) Shri Vikas Srivastava,
    US(Water-II & WQ)
    Ph: 24361671
    E.mail: vikas[dot]sri[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Ajay Kumar,
    Director (Water)
    Ph: 24361656
    E.mail: ajakumar2-cwc[at]nic[dot]in
    7. All matters of establishment/
    Administrative in nature including
    salary/ remuneration of Consultants
    and other issues and Cash Section
    related matter
    CPIO (Admn. Parl. and Cash) Shri Sudhir Kumar Sinha,
    Ph: 24368711
    E.mail: sudhirk[dot]sinha[at]nic[dot]in
    Smt Shivani Dutt,
    Ph: 24364115
    E.mail: shivani[dot]dutt[at]nic[dot]in
    8. All matters pertaining to Parliament CPIO (Admn. Parl. and Cash) Shri Sudhir Kumar Sinha,
    Ph: 24368711
    E.mail: sudhirk[dot]sinha[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Rajeev Jauhari,
    Ph: 24368771
    E.mail: rajeev[dot]j[at]nic[dot]in
    9. All matters pertaining to General
    Administration Division, purchase,
    supply and distribution as well as
    other miss work related to GA Division
    CPIO (GA) Shri Sunil Kumar,
    Ph: 24368612
    E.mail: sunil[dot]kumar70[at]nic[dot]in
    Smt Shivani Dutt,
    Ph: 24364115
    E.mail: shivani[dot]dutt[at]nic[dot]in
    10. All matters related to Finance
    and Budget of the Ministry
    CPIO (Fin.) Shri Mohan Lal,
    Ph: 24368609
    E.mail: mohan[dot]lal[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Niranjan Choudhary,
    Ph: 24364518
    E.mail: niranjan[dot]choudhary[at]nic[dot]in
    11. All matters pertaining to
    M&E, Stats, RFD, Studies,
    e-governance, monitoring,
    MIS etc
    CPIO (Stat. Cell) Shri R.K.Bhutani,
    Ph: 24361052
    E.mail: bhutani[dot]rajesh[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Hiranya Borah,
    Deputy Director General
    Ph: 24369832
    E.mail: hiranya[dot]borah[at]nic[dot]in
    12. All work related to
    advertisement and
    Publicity of SBM/ Water
    CPIO (IEC) Smt Christina Kujur,
    Ph: 24362106
    E.mail: christina[dot]kujur15[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Yugal Kishore Joshi,
    Ph: 24361424
    E.mail: yugal[dot]joshi[at]gov[dot]in
    13. All matters relating to
    Coordination, Hindi and
    Vigilance Divisions
    Nodal officer of DWS and CPIO Smt Rajeev Saxena,
    Ph: 24368619
    E.mail: saxena[dot]rajeev[at]nic[dot]in
    Shri Ramendra Pratap Shukla,
    Ph: 24366013
    E.mail: rp[dot]shukla67[at]nic[dot]in